From Wave Solder and Selective Solder Pallets, SMT Fixtures, Screen Printer Tooling, Press Fit Tooling, Feeder and Stencil Storage Carts, Final Assembly Tooling, Final/Functional Test Fixtures and Build to Print Services, AGI Corporation produces highest quality products backed by world-class customer service.

AGI is committed to delivering a superior stencil. By integrating DEKs proven manufacturing processes, quality control procedures and supply chain, AGI Stencils produce a stencil that will maximize throughput and yields. Quality awareness of aperture designs, correct material thickness and reliable fiducial placement will produce the optimum material deposit and alignment for your print process. AGI’s proven track record of quality products and on time delivery, partnered with DEKs technical expertise, will ensure a quality product delivered to meet your needs.

Aven Tools Inc. has been serving the industrial marketplace since 1983. They offer a diverse and comprehensive product mix to meet the needs of the industrial marketplace, including electronics, telecommunications, and biotechnology, and they are always expanding their product lines. Their certified engineers can offer assistance in custom applications. And they offer a variety of services such as product assembly, custom parts and tooling, and warehousing. Their goal is to develop a long-term trusting relationship with their customers because they believe that their success is entirely dependent upon their customers' satisfaction.

BTU International is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes to the electronics and alternative energy manufacturing markets. BTU equipment is used in the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging as well as in solar cell and nuclear fuel manufacturing. BTU has operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China with direct sales and service in the USA, Asia and Europe. Information about BTU International is available at

Cablescan, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automatic test equipment for wire harnesses. It manufactures a wide range of Continuity Testers and Custom Fixturing.

CAIG Laboratories, Inc. has manufactured the highest quality electronic chemicals since 1956 for use worldwide as companies, including OEM’s, rely on CAIG’s products in their manufacturing process and service departments. They offer an extensive array of cleaners, lubricants, enhancers, preservatives, and accessories for electronic, electrical, and mechanical applications. CAIG’s familiar and trusted DeoxIT® products are environmentally safe, and CAIG is constantly developing new products and applicators.

Low pressure molding? Cavist has you covered. Encapsulating electronics in various shapes and sizes. Cavist Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer specializing in more... low pressure injection molding. Low pressure molding allows gentle encapsulation of delicate electronics to protect against hostile environments. Let Cavist protect your electronics. They are committed to helping our customers come up with superior solutions to protect their electronic devices. They will assist in designing encapsulation that protects against moisture migration, vibration, impact, dust, and dirt. They also provide grommets and strain relief for wires and cables. And their experience in application engineering has made them a world leader in creating innovative, effective, and cost efficient solutions for our customers.

CyberOptics Corporation is a leading provider of market-based process yield and through-put improvement solutions for the global electronics assembly market. We offer stand-alone measurement and inspection systems used in the SMT electronic assembly market for process control and inspection.

Digitaltest is a Leading Test Equipment Supplier of; High Accuracy Flying Probe Systems; High Speed, Non-Multiplexed, In-Circiuit Test Solutions; Functional Test Solutions; CAD/CAE, SPC and CAD Translation Software. Digitaltest's pioneering solutions integrate CAD, test and production to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Digitaltest also offers extensive service and support options, up to complete outsourcing of your board testing requirements at any of our facilities all over the globe.

EMS Adhesives is committed to designing their customers' specific adhesives to fit their application needs. Since 1993 they have formulated state of the art acrylics, epoxies, silicones, and urethanes. They are a market leader providing innovative and cost effective solutions for original equipment manufacturers.

Since 1956, Eubanks has been developing and making innovative products designed to give the world better ways to process wire and test wiring assemblies. Known worldwide for its innovative ability and the productivity and reliability of its products.

 Gen3 Systems Limited is a supplier of reliability test equipment for SIR, Cleanliness and Solder Wetting, plus automated dip conformal coating equipment. The Gensonic direct ultrasonic contact cleaning is the ultimate way to clean SMT stencil apertures.

 Hover-Davis feeding solutions are compatible with most major SMT platforms, including those from Fuji, Panasonic, Universal Instruments, Siemens, Juki, Samsung and Assembleon.

IP Systems constantly strives to be your trusted technical resource for your fume filtration needs. Whether it be the Laser, Electronics, Welding, Lab, or Medical industry, their goal is to offer you an unmatched customer experience. In the Electronics industry they process fume extraction for the filtration of exhaust fumes from ovens, wave solder units, conformal coating equipment and other fume sources. In the Laser industry they provide removal and filtration of laser fumes from marking, cutting and engraving applications.

The World’s Leading Developer of Screen/Stencil Print Accessories JNJ Industries is the manufacturer of GlobalTech®, a line of environmentally responsible solvents and cleaning products for industries which include high technology, automotive, aerospace, electronics, screen printing, and industrial manufacturing. We are your single source provider for the components, solvents and consumable supplies essential to maintain the highest quality standards in the assembly and manufacturing process. The printer components line features both JNJ designed, and OEM specification squeegee blades and holders, and understencil wiping rolls. Both the JNJ and OEM lines deliver absolute performance consistency.

KIC is a technology company working to make ovens smarter through profiling, automation, and optimization solutions. With offices across the globe, KIC is ready to become your partner in oven based manufacturing.
KIC: “Making Ovens Smarter”

KOKI provides global electronics industries with positive contributions with their professional joining expertise. Their organic chemical technologies include halogen free chemistry, powerful wetting/anti-HIP, low voiding, 3D / micro assembly materials, and high reliability flux system. Their expertise in various solder alloys include heat-stress resistant alloys, low cost/low Ag alloys, low melting point alloys, and hybrid joint material A-FAP. They provide various technical support including professional analytic services free of charge to assist Koki-users solving quality issues successfully and swiftly.

Mid-America Tape and Reel, Inc., provides a tape and reel service to the electronics industry. Mid America also provides memory and flash programming, custom trays, lead forming, kitting, and other services. Mid-America is committed to being the fastest, best full service taping organization in the World.

Automated fluid dispensing, jetting and conformal coating systems from Nordson ASYMTEK are ideal for many operations: printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor packaging, and other precision assembly processes for LEDs, flat panel displays, automotive products, medical/biotech products, solar products, fuel cells, and other electro-mechanical devices. Nordson ASYMTEK sets the pace of innovation for better dispensing and conformal coating products with Spectrum™ dispensing and coating platforms and DispenseJet® and PreciseCoat™ valves and applicators, all supported by an outstanding global support network. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Founded in 1991, Osai A.S. produces custom machines for assembly and final testing of components for automotive, electrical appliances, electro-technical industries and standard machines for electronic and semiconductor. Based on the experience in automation systems and laser applications, Osai A.S. produces in-line Routers, Laser Depaneling machines and Laser marking machines dedicated to the Electronics Assembly Industry. Since the miniaturization of boards is becoming a trend, Osai machines can solve the problems typically related to the latest process requests:

  • Complete traceability of the single boards.
  • Automatic handling of the separated boards, avoiding intermixed finished goods.
  • Depaneling of FPCBs and thin FR4 with the best quality possible.
Osai A.S. can also customize its machines based on the real needs of the customer.

Sumake professional pneumatic tools, compressors, and accessories are among the most innovative, energy efficient, durable, and reliable products on the market today. CE-certified and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards, their air tools are ergonomically designed to ensure accuracy, maximum control and comfort, and are built to last.

Universal Instruments Surface Mount products span a broad spectrum of placement capability ranging from the smallest SMD passives to the largest area array packages, and even includes dispensing. And their modular platform lines provide the distinct ability to quickly and easily change with today's flexible manufacturing environment.

Wisconsin Oven Distributors is the U.S. distributor for Memmert GmbH + Co. KG, located in Germany, developing and manufacturing universal ovens, incubators, vacuum ovens, Peltier-cooled incubators, CO2 incubators, humidity chambers, constant climate chambers, storage chambers, and water and oil bath units. The units are used in a wide range of applications – including, industrial, electronics, aerospace, and human and veterinary medicine, biological, microbiology, chemical and food research, to name a few. Engineered with incomparable quality, we offer both sales and service with stock available here in the U.S.

RTS Eagle Equipment, LLC, D.B.A Wisconsin Oven Distributors, LLC, is also the U.S. distributor for Smeg S.p.A, an Italian manufacturer. Producing state of the art washers with their integrated design and technological supremacy, for washing and disinfection processes in laboratories worldwide. Reliable partners for SMEG here in the U.S. offering sales, service and stock availability.

Metcal is a benchtop solutions expert that has delivered broad value to customers since its Silicon Valley beginnings in 1982. Offering unrivalled performance, risk mitigation, and ROI, Metcal gives electronics manufacturers the tools—and the confidence—they need to develop faster, safer, more advanced products.

Metcal's track record of innovation is legendary. With SmartHeat® and now with Connection Validation™—both industry firsts—Metcal breakthroughs have empowered their global electronics assembly customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and military sectors. And today they’re accelerating the pace of global innovation even further, forging developments in hand soldering, convection rework, fume extraction, and fluid dispensing.

Moving forward, Metcal’s industrial ingenuity—and its enduring passion for problem solving—will continue to drive the evolution of the benchtop.

YXLON is the leading supplier of industrial X-Ray inspection and CT solutions for non-destructive testing of materials and electronics. The YXLON product portfolio includes the Y.Cheetah and Y.Cougar which offer effortless high-quality X-Ray imaging for a wide range of continuous inspection tasks. The Y.Cheetah and Y.Cougar combine proprietary FeinFocus technology with advanced high-speed flat panel detector technology. Within seconds, the systems adapt between inspection tasks-failure analysis, research and development, process control and product testing including QuickScan mode.